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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I continued to record certain sequences by establishing a new configuration, using the synthesizer Neutron with the baypatch with in addition, the rack of modular, which corresponds to 9 different modules.

The principle is to use the Vco and the Vca of the neutron in order to use one or two modules maximum and to obtain an interesting sequence from which a song can perhaps be composed.

The Endorphine Aistreamer was the most complicated ever to deal with, definitely uncontrolable if you don't take time to enjoy what you do, as simple as that.

I sometimes use the sequencer Sq1 but not always it depends if it is indeed a sequence or a pad that will be modulated.

Beside, I'm using the guitar which will have a continuous sound retention function ans by using the different functions of the guitar effects pedals or it will simply be a riff all along or melodies with singles notes built for some months.

Basically I have about twenty things that I have to sort, reshape, recreate, destroy, reconsider and finalize.

As you might see, i'm using the Vco of the Neutron, which is quiet efficient because the Spectral module from Intellijel can visualize the shape of the source, the vc, especially when you put a wavetable as a secundary source to a "basic" source, the enevelop is really a good tool to be more creative, as they are not proposing a basic attack , decay or even release options as usual. For one of the Vco of the neutron and directly pugged to the Vca of the same synth, it's just perfect, for the wavetable it's panic time, it can colours your signal but obtaininga real pitch is really complicated as there are hundreds of different frequences. In that case, i use the Addac 308 module light to cv with the blue sky pedal from Strymon to get a real orchestra result (Shimmer mod), chords, or even organ with a great subtility.

The shimmer allows to obtain a multitude of feedback, but a main tonic and tonality is resulting from all these notes.

The thing is to arrange all this, it's not possible to re-do the same thing live, but sampling some of them, the main goal is to keep a certain rythm and harmony, then the work with the guitar, sound retainer and variations with modulate pedals is the right thing to do such as flanger, a tremolo....shimm

Cover of the newt release #electronicmusic

Neutron & Modular Rack ( Various) #ModularSynth


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