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Interact Dissentry

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

The new release has taken more time than expected, in real the basis was functional, but i had to improve certain details over the lyrics.

From a technical point of view, the modular are the basis, and the final mix allowes to play with the stereo; in fact, the two guitars, one with the reverb, and the second with dual delay succeed in expanse the stereo, because each is complementary of the other.

These 8 tracks is widely inspired by the written of Suhrawardi, another side of the illumination, the real one. The dichotomy between the soul, the body and the path chosen.

I have to add two songs from this album to the actual set list, and then the next gigs in Serbia, and Switzerland will happen, it will be the occasion to tak in account the errors mad in Vienna while manipulating the modular rack with the guitar and the stompbox. I'm really into the sufi music and the writings, it's more than wonderful...

I had the occasion to work on persiand scales, but for the recordings finally i play things that come to my mind more, but it's true that i play more single notes than chords now and i don't think it will change. Another side of the evolution.

I have this module, ornemant and crime, i was searching for a quantizer, and finally i have grabbed a copy of this one, and the possibilities are great, with quad turing things, and fractal combinations. During the lock down, i had already work on Tonnetz and fractals things with keyboards and composition, but with this module it would be possible with the musical illustration for the background. Definitely i'm usinf the synth i've made with the essential, i've changed just a thing, the envelope for the ornement and crime in order to work on it properly. Then, the second rack with the logics, and so on...i'm a bi deceived byt the dual vco from Zlob, it's not working with 1v/oct, and so better for drones, the Cv input is really sensitive, i've to see how i can manage this.

I've made a small piece to work on arrangments, with a real desk for 40 bucks, and it's a nomad one, easy to move. I'm continuing my small collectopn of vinyls too, Popol Vuh the double Affenstung, more japanese new age, ambient things...i've just the transmisser pedal for the guitar on my desk, i've worked much with the two strymon dig and blue sky...and i was not really surprised to see the releases of new versions with midi and a knob in plus...i personnaly keep these two "old" ones, they are the best pedal fact, that's why i don't buy more, with the minilogu and master keyboard, the ( pedals, and the modular i'm deeply into working on it to really write good things, it's not worth getting something new. For a piece of gear, i think that if you feel it, get it, if you don't rzeally feel it since the beginning it will never work...for instanc ei 've this module from Befaco, slew limiter...i don't know why but i was like callied by him haha...and so it's on the second rack and i'm pretty sure it will be useful for many things.

The tape cassettes concerning the new album will be available on late October, and so now albums will get cd's and tapes, vinyl is complicated for me, one day for sure but working on it with someone.

Finally, i'm working on three new projects in parallel with other composers, and crative personns, but i can't tell anything for the moment.



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