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Le Giron Vert

There are two place in Sudan that are quite fascinating, on the one hand in South Sudan the impenetrable tides of the South (Al-Sudd), it is a vast swamp strewn with papyrus of aquatic grasses and other plants which form an immense and impenetrable expanse of vegetation .

Secondly, there is a ghost town with ruined buildings called Suakin, it is located in the Red Sea opposite the Saudi city of Jeddah. the construction of Port Sudan in 1905 caused the decline of this port city; if we combine that with the notion of the vegetable reign, especially for the first place, there is really something interesting to do.

*Regarding keyboards there are 4 ranges including the one called Tézita.

*For the guitar, the scales of this country substantially overlap those of traditional Saudi music.

Regarding the musical triads, especially for the guitar, but which can be used for something else, i use the Tonnetz diagram for this album.

Finally, there are particular frequencies that cause the elements of the plant kingdom to react or grow, in particular the note of Si (B), 125 Hertz ( will maybe combine it with the 250 Hertz too with G Root note).

Therefore, a triad can be obtained.

Those frequencies, it has been proven, makes it possible to facilitate plant growth. It also depends on whether the moon is in descending, or ascending mode.

*The whole issue is to stick to the symbolism that is, i will describe as "being positive"; basically not to stray into the shadows.

**The structure of the text will structured with the tradition of the "Parti main" in French, it is a musical poetic form dating from the 12th century practiced in Occitan Valleys in the south of the country.

***I'm using the #anagogy tables in much more details in order to choose the best rhythm, and the appropriate frequencies, and the main symbolic for the words.

Example: For the first track, we are at 750 hertz , and so we obtain a Bpm of 45, and it's the note of F#.

The goal is not to get over 2000 hertz, and the necessity to play at low level with the instruments.

In this, we remain in a multiple of 125 hertz and this frequency allows the plants get stimulated and to grow with "external help".

*I will only use an harmonic tremolo pedal for this record, combined with the guitar and the Minilogue.

-> Hence, the tribute to Maria Thun in the generic title of the album was an evidence...


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