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Mezclar i Poseidon

There are two new reviews and one of the track of the new album published this week, the broadcast is called "Unexplained songs" and they release amazing compilations with musicians from all around the world. Here is their bandcamp page

Some other review might pop up further, and there is mabe on or two live gigs in Paris and Torino that would be possible.

Actually, i've found a new way of making a next release, so i currently work on it and this work will be useful for live acts too, not only new materials. The latest release was a lot of work with the various trips and the work on fields recordings. It's funny because while i write these lines i can hear the sound of rain drops outside, and when i began to work on the release, it's this kind of sounds that were the first item of rythmics that i used for various tracks.

Where i stay and live, much birds are flying and's a particular part of Paris when silence has a real reign. Sometime, i can stay here without going out for three or four days, and when i go out again it's a particular moment with a rather intense vibe, sometime violent. With all the chaos that is happening in the world, you can feel that it has an impact on behaviour and faces.

My broken toe is recovering (haha), i think that the various foods and things i get sometime in this grocery next to my home cost some but i don't eat much, only very simple things; maybe one of the last things that allow to keep a certain strenght. i think i need a whole week to feel again in good shape, and i don't hink that going in Normandy would be a good option, i think that when i will completly recover, Barcelona or train directly to germany would be a great move to do, something different. When this year began i've chosen to do things differently from the past, in order to act and mkae new things happening. I was going out last friday, and the beginning was great but then i've seen that the energye, the bad one was this one i rejected, so i left and went out. This bitter sensation that follow you...don't like it at all. Spring might come earlier, maybe...but will because it's part of the cycle present in our life, amongst many.


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