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Updated: Dec 19, 2023

It's been maybe three months that i really dig the various tracks for further releases, and so suddenly something happened, i was playing and recording all the time, by night, end of the day with no precise schedule, and it worked.

I mainly work with midi and maybe two synths, and on these field recording sounds that i've recorded in Malta, Madeira, Cadix and french normandy;

through Abletone 9 intro, and the fact to have only 8 tracks possible is a good thing. Because it allows to really work on the present presets and possibility. i really love it, and i think that these 17 new tracks will see surely others during recording sessions.

That's not that i want to take the time, you can't control these things but i want to make something more impactant that before but with vibes of one of my best songs, taking in account the feedback that i had in the bast when i was sending material to media. Today, it's the work on it that count, i don't even think i will play again live. I only want to focus on recordings, being productive and having this sense of requirement and this until the end of this life and for the next and last one.

For this tracks i 've discovered that using the dig pedal from strymon in bypass mode i could plug my guitat in the soundcard and get a stereao outputs of my guitar, whihc is very useful while using inter effects in abletone for the guitar. The guitar is used in a particular way, and pitch is th thing, rythm and pitch, getting strangee things that graspe your ear, if not i compose something else

So there is 17 tracks and maybe 20, i feel something very important these last weeks...i've made mix down today of those, and so i will go to Alicante in Andalusia in Spain to write the complete lyrics with the mix down in my ears. In general when i go abroad i only take a small bag and put my clothes in the 'ranger' sense, you just roll it and use the necesary space in the bag. It allows to take the necesary, and the fact to have my 12pro iphone is good, it's one of the advantage of today new devices in our every day life.

The tracks are rythmic and can rely to my early recordings, but with a special energy. I focus on details i didn't have in mind in the past.

Before summer 2024 for sure, and this is the release of 2024 in a sense. But it takes a lot of time, but i consider time in a different manner, maybe because of experience, my conversion to buddhism, or even a precise consciousness that has shifted. I'm really happy in life, that the first time in 40 years, i can feel everything and appreciate each tiny part of life, but i consider that even if i die tomorrow it will not change my mind. It(s life and there is so much around, at the verticaly and horizontaly. There is a certain energy, that excites me everyday, i swallow it and so it's maybe sad but i don't feel this way, i don't play live, not anymore, i play for myself or people i know but i don't know nothing live, i have to concentrate my energy around. And myabe one day or year i will do it again.

There is 9 other tracks in french called "Absurd" not sure about the titel but here in France we are the master of the absurd, and so there i these 9 lyrcs and chords of guitar that are ready too, following "Ontologia" that is only in english.

So maybe during my trip in ALicante, by listening to the tracks of the next albums i will work on lyrics too for a third accoustic album or maybe in italian because i learn italian at this time.


PS: this post will be updated on 22 of december, i've written fast.

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