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These last weeks, i hardly sleep, maybe 5 hours , i say that because it gives me the opportunity to work on the instruments with a special feeling, a certain sense of the detail.

For instance, i've worked on a patch with the modular, and really it's when you do every day the analog exercise that something happens; you can't choose the moment and say "it's gonna be okay" the patch is nice, with a something i was not into, a particular combination between two modules, here the befaco joystick with the trigger of a freeze function on the qu bit prism.

So i've written down the whole scheme, and the thing is to keep this patch but slightly change some things further. The thing is that i've used two applets on the Ornaments and crimes module, so there is other applets i've to focus on too. The goal is to keep this patch and make it evolve without disconnect this basis. It will be very good, and for this first patch i've recorded it on the Abletone version 9 that i've on my computer that is not connected to the internet since 15 years, works on windows 8, and i've realized that it was only two chords, if you try to make an acoustic guitar on it.

The variations didn't reckon like this in my head at first, it seemed more complexe. So i've make various parts of guitars and a midi synth part that makes my think of some early krautrock minimalist textures and leads.

There is two cd's that amazed me this week, F.G experimental laboratory from Fredy Guye and Ernest Hood, back to the woodlands... as i look at the birds from my windows this morning it speaks a lot.

I was supposed to make the new podcasts, but it's weird, the opics i wanted to speak about don't light today...i want to do it but my will not...well.

I'm making some procedures to play in Torino in Italy, the two lasts albums, and some reviews are coming within two weeks i'll be knowing if yes or no.

I was in a club three days ago, and i went there with a great guy from Chicago, when we arrived at this club in place des vosges, there was a band playing but withou a singer, it was a kind of instrumental gig but they asked me to take part. Playing with a complete band again was a super good feeling. I had improvised but with very precise lyrics and i do think two of them can be good to keep and make something. When i was in action i've relalized how much the work done on the modular synths, and latest reading had an impact on my soul with really be aware of it. There are so much things that are printed in the spirit, the soul the body...and during a special moment some of them resurface. Like an illumination.

Emmanuel Swedenborg books are defintitely my thing since the beginning of the year. Following the study of Buddhism since the last two years, it was the logical path to follow. Suzuki call him "The Buddha of the north"...


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