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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

I recently posted a fairly short video about the next album. I use the modular rack on this one that I have been developing for 6 remains that there are 4 songs out of the 10 that are not completely finished.

I knew that I will encounter problems in what concerns the production of an album with only modular synthesizers. Following 18 studio albums i have been working constantly these last days on a personal requirement, that is to say that I refuse to cut into small parts or duplicate sound syntheses on a Daw but rather record in "one go" by managing the effects in real time. I find it much more ethical and human, ' have never been a big fan of a production where there is no fault for the ear.

Then, i use three guitar effects and I stick to these three pedals no more no less ( Electro Harmonix Freeze, F13 (I love this one, all time favorite) and Earthquaker devices Transmisser // Effect Signal Chain).

So there will be 10 new songs and the scales are byzantine, or should i say Double harmonic. Will try maybe Lydian scales too for the last track, still don't know if i must achieve a total homogeneity or not, in the sense that i can include a variation for the last song and so introduce what may come next... Basically, that's the starting point, and then juggle with improvized phrasing that shall sound good to me.

Recently, I have made up the scores and a file which that allow me to know exactly where i can go.

From this base, I let myself go afterwards to do my work.

Objective: Not repeating myself compared to what I was able to do before and in addition to optimize the tools as much as possible. Important to keep in mind that the machine should not take the top.

The very first idea comes from a physical formula concerning a molecule allowing the body to facilitate the dissemination of Serotonin ( C18H20N2 ). In a certain way, the brain can do things without help of any medication, but these possibilities have been forgotten by the majority, just because life don't allow to think about it, no time, no will and no need. (See if possible Rémi Sussan Books, they are super interesting, especially "Post-human utopias, cyberculture, and culture of chaos.

From this equation I was able to work out the tempo, the structure, the dominant note, and the possible tonic.

Each song corresponds to a frequency that conveys a message and a certain feeling for the human body and the brain.

In the end, I will include few lyrics but less predominant than on an album like "Cosmologie Facile" for example.

->It remains a real pleasure to re-discover the composition with the modular synthesizers and It is clear that the goal is to use tools not so common, it means a lot of researches over manufaturers that are making this kind of modules with not so much promotion around.

Finally, there are always several books that inspire me on the composition of the album: Writings of "Placide Deseille, Archimandrite" regarding the Trinity in Orthodox liturgical culture, a few writings by Plotinus a major Hellenistic Greek philosopher born and raised in Roman Egypt (Focusing on "treaty 45 to 50 over Hyposthasis) + i was able to find a book dating from 1962 on the Hurrian songs and the civilization of this epic period.

****There is a link among all this... more details will be explained in a press release, and in the album booklet that will be released in CD with 20 copies at the end of this year.

Module eurorack mini drive - soldering diy time


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