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This last weeks i've bought a little cd player, and i have to admit that it's wonderful, because this format to listen is for me the most appreciated. In th sense that with the booklet and various explnations over the artist it's really great. I've this distributor called green brain in Berlin that have lots of krautrock post rock great and bandcamp of course.

I've made an instagram profile with the various cd i have and listen. There is some artist like Fumio that i really wanted to listen in Cd. This thing to touch the real thing and listen to it in loop.

As Spring is coming closer, i go out much than before and go to the super sonic to what bands, rocks and an other place where there all kind of undergound bands, the opportunity to meet new people too. There is two musicians with whom i think it will be possible to play again live and present the newest album. There is opportunity to play in Italy this year, and so the set up has to be well prepared. Which is really cool.

I've re-installed a modular rack, just because it's the only instruments with whom you can be in contemplation, and learn new things even if you truely think you do shit, the think is to write down the various presets and maybe keep some textures. And then use Ableton 12 to re-work it. The only thing i don't really control now is the exact sampling of things you have recorded and want to make it happen live again, i can't afford to get a sampler, but more playing with musicians. Maybe the pc will be used but to avoid to push play to launch various pads or rythmic.

There is other new reviews that are coming, the first ones are in the section of the website, here.

A new podcast will be done too, but i hesitate with the format again, whe it will be the right moment it will be done, just have to force myself , it's always the case...not thinking i will do it later or like this, no just do, that's the thing.

I mean it's like going to work sometime, you think you can't but in real you have the will to do it finally and verything is good and there.

The differenciation between the spirit, the will the body and your thinkings. Acting, doing things is essential.

Because nothing is lost, everytime it's done and paired with pain it's normal we live like this and this is how new things happen.

I read at this moment the book if Swedenborg "Heaven and hell",in english...i have tons of new bookd over voodoo, shamanism in mongolia, and south america, but it's not the right moment to read this...after 2 years of buddhism deep learning it's complicated to come back to something with a discourse with A GOD. Krishna with hinduism is fascinating too, but as i already know and to follow the spiritual path, you have to choose the good writings at the right moment. If not it's a mess and nothing remain.


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